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Why Homemade Lye Soap

There is just something about homemade soap that you just can’t beat especially when it contains shea butter. Lye soap is the original way soap has been made and it can’t be beat in our opinion. Its about the best you can get when you use our fragrance free soap, Just Soap. Of course that’s not fun the scent really brings the fun to the bath. We know there are many choices for homemade soaps online but I must say we are partial to ours and our customers feel the same.

What Do We Use in our Lye Soaps aka Homemade Soaps and Why? 

  What do we use in our homemade soaps? Well we use refined Shea Butter, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, and of course Lye. That is not all we use in our homemade soaps that’s just what the main ingredients are. Our Lye Soaps can also contain Activated Charcoal, Assorted Clays, Assorted exfoliants like Steel cut Oats, Oatmeal and Coffee Grounds to name a few.

    Why do we use these ingredients in our Homemade Soaps? Well, I have used other homemade soaps with other ingredients and while some of them are great I am in love with what these Homemade Soaps bring to the table. The Shea Butter Soap is moisturizing and lathers well in any type of water.  This Lye soap cleans greasy hands like no body’s business and is great Mechanic Soap.